Tea towel invitations

I wanted our invitations to not just be tossed after the wedding.  I wanted a keepsake and something useful, so that's why I created tea-towel invites.  I created a map-like visual of the journey from Calgary to Okotoks as well as showing the key landmarks of the farm.

Our save the dates

I started working on the save the dates back in August and they have been quite the process.  After the design was finished (hand-drawn typography by Zachary Smith), I scoured the internet to figure out how I should get them printed.  Originally I was going to silkscreen them white on sheets of thin, dark walnut but then I found a guy in California who was doing some really awesome detailed work on wood. 


They are laser etched & cut on sheets of 2mm oak. Because of this, each one is completely unique and one of a kind because of the grain of wood or how the laser hits them.


Pricey, yes, but I am thrilled with how they came out.


I used washi tape that I ordered from Japan to seal the envelopes.  They reflect the colors and patterns that will be used in decor of our wedding.


I then ordered a roll of magnet tape so that everyone could put these on their fridge as a keepsake.


For the stamps, I ordered them through Canada post's custom stamp service - Picture Postage. They are more pricey than regular stamps but I was pretty impressed with how quickly then were printed and shipped to me.


We really hope you like them and can save the date for our big day.